wep inspection format editable


wep inspection format editable

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WEP Inspection Formats
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WEP (weld edge preparation)

is Weld edge preparation refers to the process of preparing the edges of the metal pieces that are going to be welded together, this is the first and most crucial stage of operation and inspection for creating strong and reliable welded joints.

The main purpose of weld edge preparation is to ensure proper penetration of the weld metal into the joint, adequate fusion between the base metals, and to minimize the risk of defects such as lack of fusion or incomplete penetration.

WEP contains Preparation of Angle, Root Face, Proper cleanliness, Proper position for welding to welder and other aspects for producing sound weld and good quality

Below are the few points to be keep in mind for preparation of WEP Joints.

There are several things to be noticed during preparation of WEP (weld edge preparation) for a specific welding application

  • Material Selection: The type of material being welded (e.g., carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium) will influence the type of edge preparation required.
  • Material Thickness: All materials require different configuration, like thicker materials require different edge preparations compared to thinner materials for production of sound weld and high-quality welds.
  • Welding Process: There are different types of welding processes for Example SMAW, GTAW SAW, ERW & FCAW etc for the specific welding process also there are requirements of different WEP (Weld edge preparation) juts to meet Quality requirements, cost control, on time Delivery & other achievements
  • Joint Design The design of the joint will impact the type of edge preparation needed. There are many Joints which require proper angle, proper squareness and also optimum cleanliness
Petametres to consider during design of Weld edge preparation


  1. Angle of Bevel: The angle of bevel refers to the edge preparation in a item to be welded.

There are different types of Bevel Angle as per drawing and requirements

Common types are

  • Single V preparation
  • Double V preparation
  • U preparation
  • J preparation

Applicable notes were included in excel formats, is attached for your reference 

  1. Groove Angle: The groove angle represents the combined angle of the groove formed between the parts to be connected. For example, if the edges of two plates are inclined at 30 degrees each, the groove angle would be 60 degrees This is commonly known as the “included angle” between the parts joined through a groove weld.
  2. Root Face: The root face is the portion of the fusion face at the root that is not bevelled or grooved. Its value depends on the welding process, parent material, and application.
  3. Root Gap (Root Opening): The root gap (or root opening) refers to the minimum distance between the edges or surfaces to be joined at any cross-section. It plays a crucial role in determining weld quality and strength. For full penetration welds on carbon steel plates, the root gap usually ranges between 1 and 4 mm.
  4. Root Radius: The root radius is the curved portion of the fusion face in a component prepared for a single J, single U, double J, or double U weld.

Remember, proper edge preparation ensures better weld penetration, bead shape, and overall joint integrity.

Proper weld edge preparation is essential for ensuring strong and durable welds that meet the required quality standards for various applications in industries such as construction, manufacturing, Oil and Gas.

For proper further understanding about WEP, refer applicable AWS code, AMSE codes and other including Drawing and Specification.

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